Toxic Combinations of Risk Demo

Post Author

Julissa Caraballo

April 30 2024

Discover the power of identity-first security with Savvy’s latest demo, focusing on uncovering and eradicating toxic combinations of identity risk that threaten your organization’s digital environment. In a landscape where high-profile breaches are increasingly traced back to inadequate identity hygiene, understanding and mitigating these risks has never been more critical. Savvy’s innovative platform offers a game-changing approach by creating a real-time inventory of every SaaS identity, app, and risk, providing comprehensive visibility and an always up-to-date map of your attack surface. Our demo highlights how Savvy identifies the most perilous toxic combinations of risk factors—blending user behavior with business context—to pinpoint vulnerabilities that could lead to significant breaches. Learn how our solution automates remediation, engaging directly with end-users or APIs to neutralize threats efficiently, allowing your team to concentrate on other crucial security aspects.

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