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Fix Reused Password Demo

See how the Savvy SaaS Security platform detects and fixes instances of password reuse using just-in-time security guardrails.

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Enable ChatGPT Privacy Demo

Explore how Savvy enhances privacy when interacting with generative AI tools like ChatGPT.

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Fix Compromised Credentials Demo

Discover how to discover and fix compromised credentials with the Savvy platform.

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SaaS Sprawl Demo

Discover how to tackle the complexities of SaaS Sprawl in this demo of the Savvy SaaS Security platform.

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Validate Identity Controls and Manage Sprawl

Uncover shadow identities with a real-time SaaS inventory that ensures no SaaS app or identity goes unnoticed or unmanaged.

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Employee Offboarding Demo

Streamline your joiners, movers, and leavers process with Savvy’s SaaS offboarding capabilities.

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Credentials Protection Demo

Defend against phishing attacks and coach users with Savvy’s innovative solution for protecting corporate credentials.

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Toxic Combinations of Risk Demo

Identify the most toxic combinations of risk by blending user behavior and business context to prevent breaches.