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SaaS Sprawl Demo

Discover every SaaS app your workforce uses and regain control over unchecked app adoption.

Discover how to tackle the complexities of SaaS Sprawl in this demo of the Savvy SaaS Security platform. It delves into the escalating challenge businesses face as the rapid adoption of SaaS applications leads to unchecked growth and management chaos. This phenomenon, known as SaaS Sprawl, not only stretches resources thin but also exposes your organization to heightened identity risks and compliance pitfalls.

Savvy’s platform is engineered to bring order to this chaos. Through our cutting-edge SaaS Discovery capabilities, we automatically identify and map out your SaaS landscape, spotlighting unsanctioned use and revealing hidden risks. The demo showcases how Savvy empowers both users and administrators to regain control by providing just-in-time security guardrails and real-time education. This approach not only enhances your security hygiene but also supports informed decision-making and compliance, ensuring your organization stays ahead in a SaaS-driven world.

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